“As a director, I decided to take an acting class to better communicate with actors and taking Rick’s class has been one of the best things that I’ve done for my career. For me, it has improved nearly every aspect my filmmaking process. If I could give advice to any director (and actor) that wants to improve in their craft, I’d tell them to take an acting class and Rick’s is incredible.” -Isaac Deitz

​”I was recommended to take Rick’s Meisner Technique training by my On-Camera Acting coach who had also been a student of his. She said he was the best and most qualified in the state to teach Meisner, and WOW am I glad I took her advice!! Rick is the most amazing teacher and sooo brilliant. I learned so much from him. My time spent with Rick has impacted literally every minute of my life and will continue to be a huge part of my acting career. I HIGHLY recommend this teacher!!” -Farrah Lee Guest

“Rick teaches in a way that allows his students to grow and develop their craft organically. He is passionate about teaching authentic Meisner techniques and genuinely wants to see his students succeed. His wisdom can benefit actors at all stages of their career. If you are looking to seriously commit to professional training, Rick is your guy! He is one of the most compassionate and heartfelt teachers I have ever had.” -Shaun MacLean

​”The passion that Rick brings to each class elicits the best versions of his students. He understands that each student is different, and it shows in the way he teaches. Sure, the class has an overarching tone of learning Meisner, but he takes the time to get to know you as a person and finds the way for you to understand at your core what Meisner is all about. I have never met a teacher that cared so much for his students. Not only has Rick helped me become a better actor, but I have become a better person because of him.” -Jacquelyn Baker

“I have been working as an actor since 2009 and began studying with Rick Andosca in the fall of 2015. I can’t say enough positive things about this man and what he has done to grow me as an actor. My perspective into the craft of acting begin to shift as I learned things that challenged me towards new growth and confidence in my work, whether in an audition or on set (enough to wear my reps begin to notice a significant change in my auditions).
Rick cares about his students and the work taking place both inside and outside of the classroom. He is intensely dedicated and brings a clever energy to his students on an individual basis, depending on their level of experience. I have watched him bring things out in people that truly surprised us all. Rick expects things with fairness and never challenges his students with what he thinks they can’t handle. I’ve never met an instructor with such integrity for the craft of acting and how the Meisner technique correlates with it. You will grow if you allow yourself the time. As a student of almost 1.5 years now, I know that the education Rick provides is never in vain and never for show. I am not the same actor as I was, and I even found myself calling him my best kept secret in this profession. I am honestly blessed to know him and call him a friend.” -Rachel Hendrix, 
Actress from “October Baby”

“Since working with Rick I have seen exponential growth in my work both in the audition room and in bookings. Rick is as close to the source of Meisner training as you can get and Atlanta is very lucky to have him. He is everything I look for in a coach: he’s incredibly intuitive, he’s worked extensively in nearly all the major markets, he is highly trained and experienced, he pushes me without sugar coating it and ultimately he cares about the work. It was through his coaching that I booked my most recent role as Mary Cooper in the feature film “Small Group” (aka by its working title “The Roman Cooper Story”). Being in on-going classes is something I think all actors should do and being in Rick’s classes has helped me discover the truth in my acting. I am forever grateful!” -Emily Dunlop

Sanford Miesner

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”  – Sanford Meisner

Rick’s Approach

“In the almost 50 years that I have trained, acted, directed, and taught; the most important thing I have found in all good acting is summarized in one word: involvement, real involvement in whatever the actor understands they are doing. The core of Meisner Technique is a simple but important concept: whatever the actor understands they are asked to do, they truly attempt to do. Not fake, indicate, lie but really attempt to do. This is known as the reality of doing; it is the core of ‘the work’.​

​​       For students that are new to this work, exercises are connected with the student/actor getting in touch with an outside awareness with things outside of themselves, mainly other people. This is done through an exercise known simply as “repetition”. In all the time I have been involved with acting, there is no other exercise I have seen or heard of that puts actors in contact with each other that grows into a deep awareness of that contact and what that contact means to them. What behavior really means to them. Not superficial, but a deep connection with other humans, and hence, their own feelings about what they are receiving.”



In the first number of classes, the work centers on the repetition exercises that, even in a short time, the student starts to have an understanding that is more about their instinctive awareness and less about their brain interfering with that awareness. About halfway through the eight weeks, the student starts working with what is known as “independent activities”. All this work gradually nudges the student to focus for real on whatever they are doing. Listening, physically doing things where the student is learning to put their attention on what they are doing, thus becoming more aware of their involvement with what they’re doing, and, correspondingly, the less self-conscious they will be, and vice versa. Toward the end of the eight weeks, the students will work with bits of dialogue and, within that, get a sense of what they can do with actual small scripts within the training they have received up until now.

For the students in this class that have been with me for some time already, they will continue to do repetition exercises, independent activities, and other work that is involved in the first eight weeks, but will, also, do more work connected with scenes, monologues, and preparations (how an actor gets connected with imaginary circumstances and relationships within scene and monologue work).


Sundays   6:30pm-9:00pm (Virginia Highlands)

Mondays   7:00pm-9:30pm (Buford)

Saturdays 1:00pm-3:30pm (Virginia Highlands)


*Contact Rick to audit a current class.


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